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Welcome to Featured Friday………..

One of the best parts about my job is being able to customize the elements of each wedding. I want every single wedding to be a personal reflection of the bride and groom.

For this wedding, the bride really wanted to incorporate their love to travel, and the groom really wanted a nice elegant wedding, so we at Special Moments decided to fuse the 2 ideas together.

Ceremony passport programOne of the “travel aspects” of the wedding was their ceremony program. We designed it to resemble a passport. Of course with my OCD traits I sat and stared at an actual passport for an entire day to make sure I got every single detail down. We used textured paper on the cover and did the same symbol on the front. On the bottom of each page we did love quotes because on a regular passport they have quotes.

The idea is that whatever you think of, we can create.

Here are a few photos from Courtney and Masable’s Wedding to enjoy:



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