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Destination Weddings in Panama

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Thru the Association of Bridal Consultants , We are able to meet and partner with some of the most unique locations to host your Destination Wedding…….

Thus starts the beginning of a series that will be featured on Unique and Out of the Box locations to host your Destination Wedding…. or to Escape for your Honeymoon.

The first one is Panama…..

See what Panama has to offer. It has become the newest and most exciting place to tie the knot or to  Honeymoon there…..Don’t miss this opportunity. Dare to be Different!!!

Check out the Video below that is with one of our partners thru the Association of Bridal Consultants…. Jaymar Pinzon……

If you are intrigued by the location and want to learn more…. Give the Special Moments Team a call… We have a great Destination Event Management Package that will totally blow you away!!!!!!!!

If you are interested in Panama for your Honeymoon Destination… We offer a Complimentary Session to discuss your Honeymoon Planning…..

Enjoy the Video!!

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