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Pop-art Inspired Artificial Bouquets

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We subscribe to a lot of event industry news letters and this came across my computer today and I thought it was a neat concept for all of the Eco-Friendly people out there.

This product is offered by Pop Flower Shop

This was the excerpt that came across about this cool product:                            pop flower shop bouquet

Flower arrangements from PopFlowers are made of dirt-resistant, lightweight polypropylene and require no care other than an occasional wipe with a damp cloth. The handmade flowers come on coiled wire stems that can be changed to vary the arrangement. The flowers are 100 percent hypoallergenic and fragrance-free; the manufacturer recycles all post-production waste. The product is shipped using minimal packaging, which is itself biodegradable.

So after reading this brief clip about it: We went to the website to check it out for ourself…The first page of the website gives 10 reasons to use their flowers and after skimming thru the website we find a few great finds and ideas:


napkin flower design


We love the fact that you can use them for napkin rings.. If they do not have the style of flower you desire, they will customize one for you. I am always concerned when using fresh flowers on the napkins and if they will wilt before the guest see them. This would alleviate my concern:



The other great idea is the kids at the bottom playing with the flowers. That would be a wonderful idea for a kids table activity at a wedding reception or party.





















What is your thoughts or ideas on this product?

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