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Reception Kissing Games

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Originating in Europe, the tradition has been for the bride and groom to kiss when guests clink their glasses with silverware. But this tradition has become tiresome for most brides, not to mention, many venues don’t allow you to tap their dishes anymore. For fun, new ways to get the bride and groom to kiss during their reception check out a few of our  ideas below:

  1. A kissing jar– Guests would deposit money in a jar located on the Bride and Groom’s Table and then they would have to kiss for each monetary deposit.
  2. Silver Bells- Guests would have bells located at each of their seats or just located on each table and each time the bell rang, the lucky couple would have to kiss.
  3. A large Kissing Dice-  Two sides of the dice have lips on them and if it lands on that the bride & groom kiss.

We would love to hear your comments or ideas on the kissing game.

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