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ABC Annual Conference 2008- Day 3 -November 11th, 2008

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After such an exciting Lunch it was hard to top that for the rest of the conference. We finished up the end of the conference with an interactive session. We were divided up into teams of 8 and were given a description of a Bride’s dream for her wedding along with location, theme she would like, etc.. We had 30 minutes to design an inspiration board of the client’s dream with the materials they supplied us with our what we could borrow from another team. It was a great experience and we got to meet a few new consultants from Illinois. ( Which is the state the conference is being held next year.) We do not have a picture of our finished board, but I have attached a few boards that are similiar to what we created below. After this session, the conference was officially brought to a close. The Special Moments team got ready for the last event that night. That will be in the next posting for you to hear about. Enjoy the pictures below of sample storyboards or as most brides know them … Inspiration boards…

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